Interface JumpToBuilder

public interface JumpToBuilder
Configures the build to have the specified source activity jump to the specified target activity. The source activities can be found from the list of activities returned by the JumpToOptions.getCurrentActivities() method and the target activity that can be chosen from the list of activities returned by the JumpableWorkflowActivity.getApplicableTargets().
  • Method Details

    • jumpActivityTo

      JumpToBuilder jumpActivityTo(JumpableWorkflowActivity activityToChange, WorkflowActivityDetails target)
      Adds given source and target activity to the internal list. This method will not validate that, the applyJumpTo() method will validate the configured source-target combinations.
      Note that not all activities specified in the collection of JumpToOptions.getCurrentActivities() have to have a jump target defined.
      activityToChange - source current activity to jump from
      target - target activity to jump
      the new builder that includes added jump-to activity
    • applyJumpTo

      Workflow applyJumpTo()
      Applies the desired jump-to operations to the workflow instance.
      the updated workflow