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com.mendix.modules.reporting.IDataSetResult Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addRow (Object...rowValues)
void setTotalResultCount (long totalResultCount)

Package Functions

void setColumnValues (String columnName, List< Object > values)

Detailed Description

This interface represents the result of a report request. Use the methods of this interface to add rows to the report.

Member Function Documentation

void com.mendix.modules.reporting.IDataSetResult.addRow ( Object...  rowValues)

Adds a new row to the report with the given values for each column. Please give exactly the same count of arguments as the count of the columns of the report.

rowValuesthe values of all columns for the row to add.
void com.mendix.modules.reporting.IDataSetResult.setColumnValues ( String  columnName,
List< Object >  values 
) [package]

Sets a list of values for one column. In a report, the column with the given name will have these values. If you use this method to fill your report, all columns must have the same count of values. This count is also the count of the rows for the report.

columnNamethe name of the column for which the values will be set.
valuesthe list of values of the column with the given name.
void com.mendix.modules.reporting.IDataSetResult.setTotalResultCount ( long  totalResultCount)

Sets the total available count of rows of this report. Maybe the count of the rows of this data set result is limited by the offset and limit parameters. With this method you can specify the total count of rows that are available.

totalResultCountthe total available count of rows of this report.

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