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com.mendix.modules.exportmanager.interfaces.excel.IExcelGrid Interface Reference

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Public Member Functions

IExcelCellStyle getDefaultStyle ()
void setDefaultStyle (IExcelCellStyle defaultStyle)
IExcelColumn getColumn (int columnIndex)
void setName (String name)
String getName ()

Detailed Description

Representation of an excel grid.

Member Function Documentation

IExcelColumn com.mendix.modules.exportmanager.interfaces.excel.IExcelGrid.getColumn ( int  columnIndex)

Get column at given column index. If column does not exist a new one is created.

columnIndexthe column index.
the column.
IExcelCellStyle com.mendix.modules.exportmanager.interfaces.excel.IExcelGrid.getDefaultStyle ( )
the default style
String com.mendix.modules.exportmanager.interfaces.excel.IExcelGrid.getName ( )
the name
void com.mendix.modules.exportmanager.interfaces.excel.IExcelGrid.setDefaultStyle ( IExcelCellStyle  defaultStyle)

Set default style for each cell in this grid

void com.mendix.modules.exportmanager.interfaces.excel.IExcelGrid.setName ( String  name)

Set the name of the grid, this name will be presented as the excel sheet name

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