API Documentation

Business Server API

Extend your application model using Java. All functionality and information from both the application model and Business Server is accessible via these APIs.

Web client API

Enrich the user interface of your applications by building on top of our web client APIs. Use standard web technology in combination with our powerful APIs to build any widget you want.

Stories API

Extend the requirements and project management capabilities of Mendix, or connect 3rd party service management and project management tools.

Build on top of the feedback management functionality of the Mendix App Platform, or connect your own feedback gathering tool.

User Management API

Integrate your company's user management systems with the Mendix App Platform. Create and manage user accounts and security groups, and then define group policies for your applications.

Single Sign On API

The Mendix Single Sign-On system is based on OpenID. Learn how to connect your (non-Mendix) app to the Mendix Identity Provider.

Build API

Create and manage deployment packages using our build server. You will need information from the Team Server API as input for these API calls.

Deploy API

Manage application environments in our public cloud. Retrieve status, start, and stop applications, or deploy and transport new model versions to application environments. Use the Build API to create and manage deployment packages.

Team Server API

Retrieve information (branches, revisions) about application models stored in Team Server. You always access an application model via the context of an application (see the Deploy API for more information about retrieving applications and application identities).