Interface IUser

public interface IUser
Represents a Mendix user, corresponding to a System.User object.
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      Returns the user name.
    • getUserRoleNames

      Set<String> getUserRoleNames()
      Returns the names of the roles that the user has.
    • isAnonymous

      Boolean isAnonymous()
      Returns whether the user is anonymous.
    • isWebserviceUser

      Boolean isWebserviceUser()
      Returns whether the user is a web-service user.
    • isBlocked

      Boolean isBlocked()
      Returns whether the user is blocked and is temporarily not allowed to log in.
    • isActive

      Boolean isActive()
      Returns whether the user is active and is allowed to log in.
    • getMendixObject

      IMendixObject getMendixObject()
      Returns the Mendix object that corresponds to this user, which is an instance of System.User.
    • getLanguage

      ILanguage getLanguage()
      Returns the language of the user.