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public interface IDataTable extends Iterable<IDataRow>
A DataTable contains a collection of DataRow objects.
  • Method Details

    • getSchema

      IDataTableSchema getSchema()
      Returns an IDataTableSchema} object describing the structure of this table.
      the table schema
    • getRowCount

      int getRowCount()
      Returns the count of rows in the table.
      count of rows in this table
    • getTotalRowCount

      long getTotalRowCount()
      Returns the total count of rows in the data store.
      the total count of rows in the data store
    • getRows

      List<? extends IDataRow> getRows()
      Returns a read-only List which contains all data rows in this table. All modification methods are unsupported, except the method clear(). The clear() method, however, is deprecated and will become unsupported as well in Mendix 10.
      a List pointing to all IDataRow instances