Interface IExcelColumn

  • public interface IExcelColumn
    Represents an Excel column.
    • Method Detail

      • setAutoSizeColumn

        void setAutoSizeColumn​(boolean autoSizeColumn)
        Sets whether the Excel columns should be resized automatically, or not.
        autoSizeColumn - true if the column should resize automatically, false if it should not
      • getStyle

        IExcelCellStyle getStyle()
        Returns the cell style of all cells in this Excel column.
        the cell style
      • setStyle

        void setStyle​(IExcelCellStyle style)
        Sets the default style for all cells in this Excel column.
        style - the cell style to set
      • setWidth

        void setWidth​(short width)
        Sets the width of this Excel column to the specified value.
        width - the width to set
      • setCellType

        void setCellType​(IExcelCell.CellType type)
        Sets the default cell type for all cells in this Excel column.
        type - the cell type to set
      • getCell

        IExcelCell getCell​(int rowIndex)
        Returns the cell at the specified row index in this Excel column. If no cell exists yet, a new one is created and returned.
        rowIndex - the row index to return
        the cell