Interface EmailModuleDelegate

public interface EmailModuleDelegate
Provides the interface for sending emails. This is an internal class that is not to be used and may change at any time.
  • Method Details

    • mail

      void mail(ISMTPConfiguration configuration, String htmlmsg, String plainmsg, String subject, List<String> to, List<String> cc, List<String> bcc, IContext context, List<IMendixObject> attachments) throws CoreException
      Sends an email with the provided details.
      configuration - the SMTP configuration to send
      htmlmsg - the HTML message to send
      plainmsg - the plain text message to send
      subject - the email subject
      to - the To: addresses
      cc - the Cc: addresses
      bcc - the Bcc: addresses
      context - the context to use for sending the message
      attachments - the Mendix objects to attach to the message