Interface IAppContainer

public interface IAppContainer
This interface is meant for internal use only.

The AppContainer is responsible for the first steps when starting a Mendix app. This includes checking the JDK version, starting the admin action handler, and registering the available admin actions.
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getRuntime

      IMxRuntime getRuntime()
    • getMimeType

      String getMimeType(String fileName)
    • addMimeType

      void addMimeType(String extension, String type)
    • registerAdminAction

      void registerAdminAction(AdminAction adminAction)
    • registerMonitoringAction

      void registerMonitoringAction(AdminAction monitoringAction)
    • registerWebSocketEndpoint

      void registerWebSocketEndpoint(String path, javax.websocket.Endpoint endpoint) throws javax.websocket.DeploymentException
    • shutdownAdminHandler

      void shutdownAdminHandler() throws Exception
      Stops the admin action handler and exits the JVM.