Interface IHttpConfiguration

public interface IHttpConfiguration
Configuration for Http.
  • Method Details

    • getProxyConfiguration

      Optional<IProxyConfiguration> getProxyConfiguration()
      Gets the proxy configuration.
      the proxy configuration, or empty when there is no proxy configured
    • getServiceClientCertificates

      List<ICertificateInfo> getServiceClientCertificates()
      Gets all client certificates.
      client certificate information
    • getSslContext

      Optional<SSLContext> getSslContext(String host)
      Gets an SslContext for a host. This takes into account the runtime settings CACertificates, ClientCertificatePasswords, ClientCertificates, ClientCertificateUsages and NoClientCertificateUsages.
      host - the host part of the URL
      an SslContext, or empty when there is no special SslContext configured for this host. In that case, use