Interface MendixObjectReference

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public interface MendixObjectReference extends IMendixObjectMember<IMendixIdentifier>
Provides the interface for a Mendix association with type Reference.
  • Method Details

    • referenceType

      String referenceType()
      Returns the entity type of the referenced object.
      the name of the referenced entity
    • isBoth

      Boolean isBoth()
      Returns whether this association has Owner set to Both.
      True if Owner is Both; false if it is Default
    • setValueFromDeserialization

      @Deprecated void setValueFromDeserialization(IContext context, IMendixIdentifier id)
      since 9.7.0. This method was exposed for internal purposes. There is no replacement.
      For internal usage only.
      context - the context for accessing the association
      id - the Mendix identifier of the referenced object to set