Class LoginAction

All Implemented Interfaces:
ICoreAction<ISession>, Callable<ISession>

public class LoginAction extends UserAction<ISession>
Represents an action that will perform a login when executed.
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    • LoginAction

      public LoginAction(IContext context, Map<String,? extends Object> params)
      Creates a login action with a context and parameters.

      The parameters can contain the following values (the userName and password are mandatory; the others are optional):

      • userName - the name of the user (mandatory)
      • password - the password of the user (mandatory)
      • currentSessionId - the ID of the session to reuse for this login instead of creating a new one
      • request - the current runtime request (of type IMxRuntimeRequest), which is used for logging the origin of the login
      context - the context for executing the action and checking access
      params - the parameters for the login action, which must include userName and password
  • Method Details

    • executeAction

      public ISession executeAction() throws Exception
      Description copied from class: UserAction
      Implement this method, this method will be called when this action is executed.
      Specified by:
      executeAction in class UserAction<ISession>
      returns the result of the execution
    • getUserName

      public String getUserName()
      Returns the username of this login action.
      the name of the user to login