Interface MendixHashString

    • Method Detail

      • setHash

        void setHash​(IContext context,
                     java.lang.String hashedValue)
        setValue(IContext, String) should be used instead.
        Sets the hash value of this hash-string object.
      • setValue

        void setValue​(IContext context,
                      java.lang.String plainTextPassword)
        Hashes the provided plain-text password and sets the value of this instance of MendixHashString to the hashed password.
        Specified by:
        setValue in interface IMendixObjectMember<java.lang.String>
        context - IContext instance to be used
        plainTextPassword - the plain-text password to be hashed
      • verifyValue

        boolean verifyValue​(IContext context,
                            java.lang.String unhashedValue)
      • getUnhashedValue

        java.lang.String getUnhashedValue​(IContext context)
      • isEmpty

        boolean isEmpty()