Interface MendixBinary

    • Method Detail

      • getValue getValue​(IContext context,
                                     long start,
                                     long length)
        Provide access to the specified range of bytes of the value. Support for partial reading is experimental, not all implementations of MendixBinary support it.
        context - the context.
        start - the beginning position.
        length - the number of bytes to read.
        the stream for the requested range
      • retrieveValue

        void retrieveValue​(IContext context,
        Retrieve value and write to output stream.
      • storeValue

        void storeValue​(IContext context,
                        long length)
        Set the value the given input stream up to the length.
      • commitValueAsFileDocument

        void commitValueAsFileDocument​(IContext context)
        As of Mendix 8.11. This method is for internal use only.
        Commit the current value as file document.
      • setLength

        void setLength​(java.lang.Long length)
        As of Mendix 8.11. This method should not be used.
        Set the length of the value.
      • getLength

        java.lang.Long getLength()
        As of Mendix 8.11. Use getLength(IContext) instead.
        Get the length of the binary value if set previously.
      • getLength

        java.lang.Long getLength​(IContext context)
        Returns the length of the stored binary data. If the underlying entity has a length field then its permissions apply. If not, the permissions of the content attribute are applied.
        the length of the stored binary data or null if the length is unknown
      • getContentType

        java.lang.String getContentType​(IContext context)
        Return Content-Type.
        the binary's content type if known, null otherwise
      • getFileName

        java.lang.String getFileName​(IContext context)
        Return file name.
        the binary's file name if known, null otherwise
      • getETag

        java.lang.String getETag​(IContext context)
        Return ETag.
        an ETag for the binary, getETag should never return null